Sharon Hennessey lives and works in San Francisco. During her long and diverse career, she has embraced many means of artistic expression. In addition to painting, she has achieved success as an independent film-maker, acupuncturist, and Professor of Oriental Medicine.

Having studied painting at NYU, New School, Skowhegan, and San Francisco Art Institute, she has collaborated with many artists such as Joan Jonas, Susan Kaiser Vogel, Gisela Getty, Tim Leary, Eric Orr, and Dick Mock. Her independent film work garnered an AFI grant, a Pioneer grant, and exhibitions at the Whitney Museum.

In the Post Modern Guy, a series of paintings addressing gender equality she reverses the male gaze. Her detailed style and delicate technique are labor intensive, imbuing each painting with intrinsic as well as aesthetic value. This installation, arranged in a mandala like spiral, comprises 25 paintings, measuring approximately 10 feet by 10 feet. (backhome)